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Painted Sky Student Handbook

Attendance Policy


Report Absences: (505) 836-7763 ext. 59602

If your child will be absent from school, it is your responsibility to call before 8:00 am

If this is not done, the absence will be considered unexcused. In APS, a student is considered “a student in need of early intervention” (truant) at five (5) unexcused absences and a habitual truant at ten (10) unexcused absences in a year. Principals may request additional documentation for excessive excused absences.

For safety reasons, Painted Sky’s attendance monitor will call families to determine the whereabouts of unexcused absent students. Students are responsible for all assignments missed.


Tardy Bell: 7:30 am

It is extremely important that your child arrives on time to school every day. Parents must accompany late students to the office to sign students in for the day and receive a pass to class.

Arrivals & Departures

  • School begins at 7:30 am and ends at 2:15 pm
  • Students may not arrive before 7:15 am unless enrolled in the Before/After school program.
  • Teachers begin serving breakfast in the classroom at 7:30 am
  • If your child arrives late or needs to leave early for an appointment, please report to the office first to sign them in or out
  • Parents are encouraged to make appointments, whenever possible, outside the school day
  • Students will only be released to the names on Synergy
  • Children will not be released during the last 30 minutes of the school day:
    • After 1:45 pm

Two-Way Communication

It is our goal to be your partner in your child's education. Open communication and teamwork is the best way to make sure that your child has a full and rich experience at Painted Sky.

We strive to use all available means to keep you informed of current events, changes in the school day, and your child's progress:

  • Check the school website or marqui for events
  • Look for SchoolMessenger phone calls and emails
  • Follow us on Twitter 

Additionally, all families receive a parent handbook and calendar at the start of each school year and upon enrollment. Classroom teachers send classroom newsletters, regular progress reports, and schedule conferences when necessary or upon parent request.

Our Student Assistance Team, Special Education Department, and Health and Wellness Team work directly with parents and students to address specific academic and health concerns.

Parents have a responsibility to keep the school informed with current phone numbers, emails, and other contact information. Update information through ParentVue.  If your child has health, behavior, or academic concerns, please communicate these concerns to your child's teacher, an administrator, counselor, or nurse.

Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures

Please be sure to adhere to the following procedures to ensure the safety of all:

  • Please use the Parent Pick up and Drop off area located in the Northeast/Southeast area of the school before and after school. The right lane is only for pick up and drop off and is not for parking. Parking in this area disrupts the flow of traffic to pick up/drop off traffic. If you must drop off in the Northeast area behind the school, please park your vehicle at the park or feel free to park across the street and walk your child across the street using the crosswalks to the school front doors or pick up/drop off area.
  • Parent pick up/drop off is also located on the Southwest area of the school. If you park in that area, please walk your child to the cafeteria gate. The cafeteria door is locked at 7:30 am for security reasons as well as the side door. If you do not see any duty personnel in this area after 7:30 a.m., you will need to walk your child to the front of the school. There is no parking allowed along any red curbs as this disrupts traffic flow. This includes the front of the school as well.
  • Please do not park or drop off children in the open area near the gymnasium as this is only for district vehicles. Students should not be in this area unless supervised by a parent.
  • Please respect the Handicapped signs for parking. Parking without the appropriate sign or license is a violation of the law. We want to save these spots for our families that have a real need. Please respect their needs and use the appropriate parking areas.
  • Please use the crosswalks at all times to cross streets with your child as you teach them by showing them.

Dress Code

No uniforms for students.  Please refer to the APS handbook for additional information regarding the school dress code.

  • Students must wear appropriately fitting clothing (No excessively tight or revealing clothing, no sagging or bagging permitted)
  • Students may not wear clothing that advertises displays or promotes drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sexual activity, violence, disrespect or bigotry..
  • Students may not wear spiked jewelry, chains or belts with more than 2 inches excess.
  • Gang-related apparel is prohibited.

In addition, students of Painted Sky:

  • May not wear or bring any form of make-up to school including glitter, lip gloss, hair products, and/or false nails.
  • Shirts must not have spaghetti straps and they must cover the midriff.
  • Heeleys and/ or rollerblades or any other shoes with wheels are not allowed.
  • Students are encouraged to wear closed toed shoes. Flip flops, sandals and high heels are discouraged.

Personal Electronic Devices

Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) include but are not limited to cell phones, watches, electronic game equipment, iPods, MP3s.

Students are not allowed to use personal electronic devices during the school day.  If they bring these items to school they must be kept in backpacks and turned off during the school day. 

PEDs will be confiscated using the following process:

  • The device will be secured and identified by make, serial number, condition, and owner.
  • The first offense will require a parent to come to the office and sign for the device.
  • The second offense will result in the device not being released to the parent until the end of the semester.