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Drop-off and Pick-up Policy

     Painted Sky Elementary will be making some changes this year to improve the safety of our students.  Students will be able to enter the building at 8:45 a.m. and should go immediately to their assigned classroom.  A west entrance will be open for students who ride the bus and walk from that direction.  The front entrance will be for students arriving on Day Care Vans.  The Parent Drop Off entrance will be open for car riders and walkers who come from the east.  We encourage you to use the Parent Drop Off line, on the east side of the building, when bringing your child to school.  The Parent Drop Off area is the only area for dropping students.

     Afternoon dismissal will be at 3:45 p.m.  We are asking that parents pick up their student(s) through the Parent Pick Up line on the east side of the building.  The parking area in the front of the building is only for Day Care Van pick up and drop off.  Students will be escorted to the Parent Pick up area for afternoon pickup.  They are not to exit other areas for meeting parents.  Students who are eastward walkers will exit with our Parent Pick Up students and walk down the sidewalk to the Crossing Guard at the corner of Tessa and Lyndsi Avenue.  Students who are westward walkers will exit with our Bus Riders.  They will the walk on the sidewalk to the crossing guard at the corner of Gavin and Parkland View Drive or the crossing guard at he corner of Wynnview Ct. and Parkland View Drive.  Students who attend the After School Programs will be escorted to the designated areas.

     Family members will not be allowed to gather in the hallways in the afternoon to wait for students.  All students will be escorted to one of three areas.  The west side of the building for bus riders and westward walkers, the front of the building for Day Care Van riders, or the east side of the building for students who ride home in private vehicles or are eastward walkers.

     During the first three days of school, we will allow parents to walk their students to class to ensure that the students know the way to their classroom.  After the third day, students should not be escorted by family members.  If students are not yet sure how to get to their room, there will be staff members available to assist them.

     I realize this is a significant change, but it is a necessary change to ensure all of Painted Sky's students remain safe.  Thank for your support and your assistance in ensuring all our students are safe.