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Even Start Preschool
Contact Rose Chavez  Rose Chavez Educational Assistant
Contact Ellamarie Jacquez  Ellamarie Jacquez Teacher
Contact Dominique Baldonado  Dominique Baldonado Teacher
Contact Patricia Benson  Patricia Benson Teacher
Contact Angela Costanza  Angela Costanza Teacher
Contact Loretta Estrada  Loretta Estrada Teacher
Contact Blanca Pena  Blanca Pena Teacher
1st Grade
Contact Elizabeth Cardiel  Elizabeth Cardiel Teacher
Contact Darice Clement  Darice Clement Teacher
Contact Janel Hudgell  Janel Hudgell Teacher
Contact Shelly Phillips  Shelly Phillips Teacher
Contact Samantha Pina  Samantha Pina Teacher
2nd Grade
Contact Elizabeth Brown  Elizabeth Brown Teacher
Contact Rosemarie Jaramillo  Rosemarie Jaramillo Teacher
Contact Megan Mccarty  Megan Mccarty Teacher
Contact Marissa Solano  Marissa Solano Teacher
3rd Grade
Contact Desirae Flores  Desirae Flores Teacher
Contact Francisca Gonzales  Francisca Gonzales Teacher
Contact Julie Montoya Flores  Julie Montoya Flores Teacher
Contact Bernadette Santiago  Bernadette Santiago Teacher
4th Grade
Contact Deborah Browne  Deborah Browne Teacher
Contact Bernadine Chavez  Bernadine Chavez Teacher
Contact Janie Gallegos  Janie Gallegos Teacher
Contact Patricia Kincaid  Patricia Kincaid Teacher
Contact Diana Villarreal  Diana Villarreal Teacher
5th Grade
Contact Tanya Arellano  Tanya Arellano Teacher
Contact Matthew Bazan  Matthew Bazan Teacher
Contact Valorie Garrison  Valorie Garrison Teacher
Contact Lynne Tanaka  Lynne Tanaka Teacher
Contact Clara Williams  Clara Williams Teacher
Literacy and Bilingual
Contact Natalie Archuleta-olivas  Natalie Archuleta-olivas Teacher
Contact Ana Salazar Sorzano  Ana Salazar Sorzano Bilingual Interventionist
Contact Dorothy Yazzie  Dorothy Yazzie Teacher
Educational Assistants
Contact Liza Barreras  Liza Barreras Educational Assistant
Contact Laura Bobbs  Laura Bobbs Re-director
Contact Deborah Burnett  Deborah Burnett Educational Assistant
Contact Rose Chavez  Rose Chavez Educational Assistant
Contact Rosalie Gabaldon  Rosalie Gabaldon Educational Assistant
Contact Felicia Graf  Felicia Graf Educational Assistant
Contact Michele Orosz  Michele Orosz Educational Assistant
Contact Jose Ortiz  Jose Ortiz Educational Assistant
Contact Sulema Quintanilla  Sulema Quintanilla Educational Assistant
Contact Maria Raygoza  Maria Raygoza Educational Assistant
Contact Maria Rodriguez  Maria Rodriguez Educational Assistant
Contact Melanie Rodriguez  Melanie Rodriguez Educational Assistant
Contact Amanda Saenz  Amanda Saenz Educational Assistant
Contact Monica Sena  Monica Sena Educational Assistant
Contact Salma Vasquez Diaz  Salma Vasquez Diaz Educational Assistant
Contact Sallie Oden  Sallie Oden Principal
Assistant Principal
Contact Lily Montoya  Lily Montoya Assistant Principal
Office Support Team
Contact Melissa Flores  Melissa Flores SECRETARY
Contact Diana Hernandez-tagle  Diana Hernandez-tagle CLERK
Contact Hope Campos  Hope Campos Counselor
Contact Melissa Newburn  Melissa Newburn School Counselor
Health Office
Contact Helen Moreno  Helen Moreno Staff
Social Worker
Contact Sarah Selph  Sarah Selph Social Worker
Physical Education
Contact Brandon Molina  Brandon Molina Teacher
Contact Pamela Noble  Pamela Noble Teacher
Teacher of the Gifted
Contact Joanne Sandoval  Joanne Sandoval Teacher
Head Special Education Teacher
Contact Brandy Keller  Brandy Keller Teacher
Contact Brenda Schneider  Brenda Schneider Teacher
Contact Tanya Lyons  Tanya Lyons Librarian
Contact Monica Sena  Monica Sena Educational Assistant
Fine Arts
Contact Ramona Gutierrez  Ramona Gutierrez Art Teacher
Contact Cassandra Jaqua  Cassandra Jaqua Art Teacher
Cafeteria Manager
Contact Joann Chavez  Joann Chavez Staff
Custodial Staff
Contact Thomas Cebada  Thomas Cebada HEAD CUSTODIAN
Contact Romel Ribao  Romel Ribao Staff
Contact Eliseo Trujillo  Eliseo Trujillo Staff
Contact Nancy Valdez  Nancy Valdez Staff
Resource Teacher
Contact Percy Bryant Jr  Percy Bryant Jr Sys Admin